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The 7th session of the Webinar TTI.5 will focus on “Health and Climate: A Dangerous Connection?“.

It will be held online on Tuesday, November 28, 2023, from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM.

This Webinar was in the French language.

Session program :

  • « Moi et ma ville : Biomonitoring des particules fines et leur impact sur la santé – Que puis-faire ? » (Translation in English: “Me and My City: Biomonitoring of Fine Particles and Their Impact on Health – What Can I Do?”), by Christine FRANKE | Teacher-researcher at GEOSCIENCES Mines Paris – PSL.
    A geophysicist and sedimentologist by training, Christine FRANKE’s research focuses on the reconstruction of ancient natural environments, estimating the impact of the Anthropocene, quantifying sediment budgets, and tracing particles and contaminants in the air-water-soil continuum. She is also a founding member of the EcorcAir project, mapping pollution in cities by collecting plane tree bark.
  • « Sauver des vies humaines face aux nouvelles températures  » (Translation in English: “Saving Human Lives in the Face of New Temperatures”), by François LÉVÊQUE | Teacher-researcher at the CERNA Mines Paris – PSL.
    François LÉVÊQUE teaches industrial economics and energy economics. His research activities cover competition and antitrust, gas, electricity, and energy transition. He has published numerous scientific articles and books on these topics. His upcoming book focuses on climate change adaptation.
  • « Changement climatique et santé humaine : menaces et opportunités » (Translation in English: “Climate Change and Human Health: Threats and Opportunities”), by Rémy SLAMA | Professor at the Collège de France et Research Director at INSERM.
    An environmental epidemiologist, polytechnician, and agronomist, Rémy SLAMA leads the Public Health thematic institute and the environmental epidemiology team at the Institute for the Advancement of Biosciences (Inserm, CNRS, Université Grenoble-Alpes). His work aims to characterize the influence of environmental contaminants (atmospheric pollutants, endocrine disruptors, exposome), especially in the context of early exposures, on human health.

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