Publié le Mercredi 10 avril

The Transition Institute 1.5 is very proud to present its Activity Report 2023.

« In an everyday environment adrift, the TTI.5 Institute of Mines Paris – PSL has become a safe haven. Beyond its walls, yet inclusive, this entirely original initiative continues its goal of consolidation while encouraging creativity and interdisciplinary collaboration, in order to provide our scientific response to the call to action echoed by the latest IPCC report », Nadia MAÏZI, Director of The Transition Institute 1.5

Climate change, and its numerous consequences – the proliferation of destructive weather phenomena, population displacement, tensions over resource access, biodiversity challenges, etc. – require a multidisciplinary scientific response. Faced with the climate imperative and to pursue the IPCC‘s recommendation to limit global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, it is urgent in the coming decade to commit to mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and adapting. The Transition Institute 1.5, established two years ago, is Mines Paris’s response to this complex context.

By incorporating all these works into its field of reflection, The Transition Institute 1.5 proposes a better articulation of the contributions of the School around transition issues. This should enable Mines Paris – PSL to position itself as an influential entity in strong interaction with society, to enlighten public debate and decision-makers’ choices.